September 25, 2018

Celebrate 18!



Eileen & Callie’s Place, along with several local sponsors, is hosting Celebrate 18! a county-wide birthday party to be held on July 13, 2019 for 100 girls turning 18 and aging out of the foster care system. Historically, to many girls aging out of foster care, turning 18 has not been a time to celebrate but rather a time of anxiety; many are without clear direction or support as they transition into adulthood. We want to change that experience. At Celebrate 18! each young lady will receive a

  • new outfit. Local retailers are being asked to supply clothes, shoes and accessories so that each girl gets to put together an outfit that works for her;
  • makeover – beauticians will be on hand to style and/or cut hair, apply makeup, and give manicures;
  • duffel bag with wheels to help transport their belongings as they move around;
  • swag bag filled with everyday necessities;
  • a journal, and a
  • Celebrate 18! t-shirt

Additionally, on hand will be

  • employers able to hire on the spot,
  • schools and training centers accepting applications,
  • social service organizations that can answer questions and provide needed guidance and information, and
  • photographers to capture individual and group pictures of the event.

Decorations will go beyond birthday streamers and balloons and include posters of inspirational and encouraging words throughout the room. A section is set aside for those who are interested in making Vision Boards to help visualize what they want in life.

Throughout the room will be mentors, available to connect with the girls, as well as foster care alum and representatives from various careers and professions ready to share their experience.

The party concludes with a catered dinner, the traditional Happy Birthday cake and song and each girl receiving a rose while the keynote speaker sows seeds of love, hope, and encouragement.

Information gathered on their registration forms will allow us to maintain contact with them and connect them with a mentor if they’re interested.