August 28, 2015



Eileen & Callie’s Place is a 501(c)(3) faith-based, non-profit organization committed to empowering, educating and training young women aged out of foster care. Our three pillars are designed to establish a viable blueprint for each young lady to gain self-confidence, set a path for her future, and accomplish her goals in life.


Who We Serve

We serve young  ladies 18-24 years old who have aged out of foster care … and

  •  Are willing to be coached.
  •  Who want to be independent and/or sustain an independent lifestyle, and
  •  Are looking for community resources.
  •  Young ladies who want to be empowered and
  •  Are interested in developing or improving life skills, and
  •  Who want a positive and productive lifestyle.

How We Serve

We serve by·

  •  Building relationship,
  •  Engaging supportive, caring mentors,
  •  Assisting in reunification,
  •  Coordinating therapeutic resources, and
  •  Partnering with providers and supporters.

Opportunities For Involvement

· Volunteer – many skill sets are needed as we build the organization.

· Mentor – a heart commitment to walk alongside one young lady.

· Resource Partner – support our vision and mission by providing services.

· Donor – all gifts given from the heart are meaningful and appreciated!


For more information, contact Dr. Natalie Ellington ♦ 567-233-2632 ♦

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