February 23, 2016



 empowering picEMPOWERING – creating a new normal through self-actualization 

It’s our goal to create a new normal for each one of our young ladies.   It’s important that the mentors start by laying a strong foundation to build a trusting relationship. Through that relationship true hopes and dreams – some buried in self-doubt or shattered by words of discouragement – can be   brought to life. Self-confidence leading to the recognition of what can be and regardless of or in spite of past experiences is another step in creating the new normal and empowering these young ladies to embrace life.


EDUCATING –   personalized for each individual  educate

Whether it’s a GED, a post-secondary degree (associate, bachelor, masters and beyond), vocational training or certification of some sort, education is a must! Now that the goal has been identified – mapping the education needed is the next step.


TRAINING –  walking alongside, until you’re stable

Our training component consists of “being there until you’re stable”. We’ve all experienced the child learning how to ride a bike in the training wheel stage. If you let go before they say they’re ready and they fall – they won’t get back on. But, if you hold on until they say “I got it!” even if they fall they’ll get back on the bike because they made the decision they were ready. We support our young ladies until they say “I got this”,  while encouraging them and helping them to “get it!”