July 5, 2016


Go Red Tacoma-7902    Dr. Natalie Ellington – Founder, Executive Director

When I consider my transitional years (when I was 18 and knew everything) when I was questioning all the craziness I was experiencing, I’m grateful that there were people that chose to help me even when I made it clear I didn’t want their help. I also know the pain of doing it on my own and wanting help that didn’t materialize. I recognize and appreciate that when I wasn’t lovable, someone loved me enough to tolerate my attitude, my selfishness and my rebellious behavior to get me through those seasons of life. Now that I’m older and wiser it’s my turn to be there during the transitional years for these young ladies. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and learning life lessons from some incredible women. I hope to be an incredible example to the young ladies we’ll serve through Eileen & Callie’s Place.


Lynn Ferrell picture-2    Lynn Ferrell – Secretary

I love serving others. Helping them to understand themselves and better their skills by giving them the tools will help them be successful. I want to help them to believe in themselves and reach their goals. I want them to know that they are worthy and they are loved. I don’t like to see people in need and not help. I want to help the ladies reach their capabilities, know that they are worthy, and they can accomplish anything.


Tj Ferrell Picture-cropped


T.J. Ferrell


I believe that one of our greatest responsibilities is to teach and to nurture our your people and to help them  to become the adults that GOD has destined them to be.  This is normally the responsibility of parents, but in situations where parents cannot do this it becomes the responsibility of others who care.   It is my desire to be a part of Eileen & Callie’s Place because it will impact the lives of many young people in a powerful and positive way.  This is one of the greatest things that we can do in life.



Denise Lawdeniselaw1rence

I believe that life is no accident and the success or failure of that life depends on the choices that we make.

All of our lives are a product of someone else’s influences. Someone mentoring and encouraging, helping, directing us. I’ve had some amazing women and men to shape, mold and mentor me throughout my life and desire to give back in the same way. I’m passionate about helping these young ladies grow and walk in success.

When Dr. Natalie shared her vision for Eileen & Callie’s Place, a home for young ladies aged out of foster care, I knew I wanted to be involved in some way. Her desire to change the culture and bring these young ladies into a positive community, is where I wanted to give my time and resources. I desire to be a part of the new norm for these ladies.

There is a great need for Eileen & Callie’s Place in our communities



Sarah Gray  Associate Dean

Bellevue College | Workforce Education

Over the years, individuals have spoken life into me, and have assisted me in ways that were life changing, and to pay it forward my life’s journey is linked to helping others. I am dedicated and committed to serving, serving others drives me to continue to grow. It is my calling to empower people and to speak life into others. When you empower people, you influence them for the purpose of personal and professional growth. I understand the importance of meeting people where they are, and providing support to people who are working to improve their lives, and more importantly, develop short and long-term connections to maintain ongoing support. The major goal is empowerment, to create sustainable situations and personal ownership.

“Choice not circumstance, determines your success.” – Frank Vizzare